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Dogs are a varied species. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors with a wide range of preferences in regard to what they eat, how they play, and what they do or don’t enjoy.

Some dogs are fearless, while others are more tentative. Some love adventuring and discovering new things, while others are quite happy to remain in a safe and familiar routine.

One major polarising aspect of everyday life for dogs is water. While some dogs love nothing more than to dive headlong into the nearest pond or stream, others will do all they can to avoid it. Much like humans, some pooches just don’t like being wet.

But whether you have a four-legged friend who loves a swim or one who’d rather not, it’s a good idea to invest in a dog swimming vest or life jacket, just to be on the safe side.

What exactly is a dog swimming vest?

A dog swimming vest (or dog life jacket/life vest) is essentially the same as a buoyancy aid or life jacket for humans. It helps avoid the risk of your dog coming into difficulty when out of its depth and drowning by keeping its head safely above water. Even in rougher water, a good life jacket can make swimming a safe and enjoyable experience for your canine friend.

Not all dogs take to water easily and may find that swimming simply isn’t their forte, no matter how instinctive it normally is for most animals. A life vest can also encourage a dog to make more of an effort to swim than they normally would, especially if they feel safer doing so.

However, even if your dog can swim, it’s still a good idea to invest in a swimming vest – you never know when your dog may start to tire during a swim.

Either way, a swimming vest is a relatively-small investment which could save your dog’s life.

Do all dogs need swimming vests?

No, not every dog will need one. Certain breeds of dog are more naturally suited to being in the water and will not require as much assistance. Poodles, Newfoundlands, Setters, Spaniels and Retrievers are all perfectly suited to making a splash, especially as many of them come equipped with double-coats that help keep them drier.

However, you should never assume that your dog will be a fine swimmer simply because of his breed. Even the most adventurous pup still needs to actually learn how to swim in the first place.

A lot also depends on your dog’s age and health. A young, strong pup is likely to fare much better in the water than an older dog with a history of health problems, after all. Exercise caution and use common sense at all times.

It’s never a good idea to just throw our dog into the water and see if he can ‘learn by doing’, as this can terrify him and end up creating a negative association. Ease him into his aquatic experience by joining him in the water (if possible) to make him feel more comfortable, and shower him with praise when he eventually starts to paddle of his own accord.

Also, take time to ensure that the body of water you’re using is safe – avoid water where creatures could be lurking below the surface, especially in the sea. Water can also be full of bacteria and parasites that are harmful to dogs, so keep an eye on your pup after every swim and speak to your vet immediately if you notice any signs of illness. And if you suspect the body of water you’re using has a strong current or undertow, keep your dog out of it at all costs.



  • BEST HIGH-PERFORMANCE FLOTATION DEVICE DOG LIFE VEST JACKET: Combining advanced manufacturing techniques and the highest performance materials available, our DFD is designed, and extensively tested, to give your dog the most ergonomic and comfortable fit possible.


  • ADJUSTABLE DESIGN WITH 50% MORE FLOATION MATERIAL: Adjustable neoprene straps form an ergonomic, secure fit that keeps up with your dog. The EzyDog dog life vest flotation device uses superior durable construction and features up to 50% more flotation material than most other pet life jackets.


  • ERGONOMIC INTEGRATED GRAB HANDLE: The integrated grab handle in our dog life vest provides and easy and secure way to handle your dog and makes it quick and easy to guide your dog into and out of the water.


  • HIGHLY REFLECTIVE INTEGRATED TRIM: The highly reflective detailing designed into your EzyDog Doggy Flotation Device provide you with greater visibility and improved night time safety.


  • CUSTOM SIZING FOR A PERFECT FIT: LARGE (Large) size fits dogs with a 17"-24" body length, a 27"-44" girth, and a weight of 60-90 pounds.


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